Greetings from EarthSong!

Excuse us while we get things working. Currently there are 4 channels of radio, a shoutcast and an icecast stream of experimental, and the same for a meditation channel. Firefox is working best with the player and its metadata at the moment, but all of the browsers are fighting the mixed content these days, including firefox. See the "Upcoming" for more and other details, and pardon the Latin while we get the content fired up.

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Back Online!

Back online with 4 streams. Still getting settled in, so addresses may change. Two Shoutcast streams (https://directory.shoutcast.com) and two Icecast(http://dir.xiph.org/search?q=earthsong). For more reliable track meta, try using the players from the directories, while I try to improve my pretty one on my homepage. I will also soon provide a dedicated page for each using more meta-reliable players. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

June 16, 2022
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